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In order for the mass and elite sports participants to develop to a healthy level, continuous development up to the highest level of performance desired, development is needed at the level of all available sports equipment, approaches and training methods. To this end, it is essential to develop and connect all actors in the sport innovation ecosystem at the appropriate level. In the course of our work, we mainly focus on the development of two actors, sports startups, which provide the engine of innovation, and sports clubs where youth education takes place.

Our services:

Increasing the corporate value of sports-themed startups through organizational development:

       Organizational, team and leadership maturity survey

       Business strategy based human strategy creation

       Business strategy based organizational design

       Leadership, team and organizational development

       Entrepreneurial human solutions (compensation, selection, recruitment, talent and performance management, individual development, employment law support)

       Human hot line - quick help with HR issues

Strategic development of sports clubs:

       Individual and organizational development of the trio of children, parents, sports clubs (management, coaching staff)

       Linking sports clubs to an innovation ecosystem

       Implementing club level innovation

       Structure of a business-oriented, competitive club operation

       Sport innovation events

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