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For Startups

30% of startups fail on some human factor.To make a startup a success, a good product and business plan is not enough, we also need to consciously plan and operate the team that is working to realize the vision.In the life of every successful company, sooner or later comes the point when it is no longer just the founders who work in the company, it is no longer just a team of a few people. In parallel with this growth, the leadership, human, and organizational challenges of the founders are growing. They need to start dealing with topics like hiring a new team member, developing, retaining, motivating, paying, instead of running an adhoc, creating an organized framework, and we could list more.

Our services:

       Organizational, team and leadership maturity survey

       Business strategy based human strategy creation

       Business strategy based organizational design

       Leadership, team and organizational development

       Entrepreneurial human solutions (compensation, selection, recruitment, talent and performance management, individual development, employment law support)

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